LeRon Ellis: Sales Representative and Senior Advisor

09 Jun

LeRon Ellis is a former professional athlete who has shown that he picked up important marketable skills as a college player at the University of Kentucky and Syracuse University. He studied Marketing at both UK and Syracuse, and at the latter institution also branched out into anthropology.

At that time LeRon Ellis was a basketball player first and foremost. He was a smoothing-moving center with a solid shooting touch and excellent defensive skills. He played for two seasons at UK and two more at Syracuse, and he was good enough to be taken by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first found of the 1991 NBA draft.

LeRon Ellis

LeRon Ellis

LeRon Ellis played for three seasons in the NBA, for the Clippers, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Miami Heat. He also played several years overseas. He later went on to become a Sales Representative and Senior Advisor at Vector Marketing Corporation in Los Angeles, where he exceeded his annual sales quotas and ranked in the top two percent of the company’s sales force.

LeRon Ellis has taken his skills to several other companies, but all along has remembered the importance of giving back to society. He has volunteered his time and abilities to animal rescue groups, to the Boys and Girls Club of America, the National Basketball Association, and the Basketball Association of America, among other organizations. In addition to English, LeRon Ellis speaks Spanish and Italian, and spent a year in Bangkok, Thailand as an English instructor. He enjoys sharing his talents with other people.

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