LeRon Ellis: A First for African Americans

05 Jun

LeRon Ellis is known as a fierce competitor, whether he is playing on the basketball court or working in the business world.

LeRon Ellis had an outstanding collegiate basketball career, where he played for both the University of Kentucky and Syracuse University. He was known as a smooth-shooting center and power forward with outstanding defensive skills. LeRon Ellis was good enough to be taken in the first round of the NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He went on to play for the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat, and also to play overseas.

LeRon Ellis

LeRon Ellis

One of his best seasons ever came at the University of Kentucky. But LeRon Ellis also showed the world that he was his own man, capable of making a decision and sticking to it in the face of adversity. At the start of his sophomore season, LeRon Ellis made news by becoming the first African American to be inducted into UK’s Kappa Alpha fraternity. Some questioned why he would join a frat that often displayed the Confederate flag, but LeRon Ellis parried the questions by saying, “All that’s been blown way out of proportion…I’ve got the same reasons as any regular pledge for going through rush for a fraternity.”

Once his playing days were over, LeRon Ellis went on to a rich and varied career in business. . He served as a Sales Representative and Senior Advisor at Vector Marketing, as an Enroller at Kaiser Permanente, and a Quality Assurance tester at Activision/Volt in Santa Monica, California.

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